OPS 753-DL

OPS 753-DL is double lane high output platen seal method machine for good stability in sealing process prior to sterilization. It is fully servo motor driven with the advanced servo synchronized system. It reduces down time and wastage; it has the flexibility of changing pouch dimension with simple tooling and conversion kits. Can run as double lane or single lane ( depend on product requirements).

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FeaturesTechnical Data
  • High output.
  • Continuous sealing process with eye mark registration.
  • Machine designed by modular conception allowing easy integration to others device.
  • Large touch screen with PLC system for easy operating.
  • Material compatible with both flexible and rigid film.
Series OPS 753-DL
Machine Length 5.4 m
Machine Width 1.3 m
Pouch Length up to 300 mm
Pouch Width up to 180 mm
Capacity up to 150 ppm
Bottom Film:
  • All kind of heat sealable materials and composite foils
  • Print Unprinted Clear film
Top Film:
  • Pre-printed film
Roll Size up to 600 mm diameter
Core Size 76 mm diameter
  • QA System Empty Pouch detection
  • Reel Shaft Air Shaft type
  • Optional Code Printer; ink jet printer or thermal coder may be integrated
Machine Utilities Electrical source 3-phase, 415 V, 50/60 Hz
Operating Pressure 5.5 bar / 81 psi