GIPS system is designed as an add-on automated glove placing system to our FMS 2010 medical glove inner wallet packing machine or it can be retrofitted to other similar type of machine to realize productivity improvement. It is servo synchronized design so that the retrofit becomes very simple. Good consistent placing accuracy with lesser operators, saving as much as 50% of manpower. It improves the output of FMS 2010, and starts with high output and better learning curve by new operators.

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FeaturesTechnical Data
  • Automated Glove Placing reduce labors by 50%
  • User friendly cuffing tools-fast learning curve experienced by cuffing operators
  • Improve glove cuffing & placing accuracy on wallet
  • Simple glove cuffing & placing accuracy on wallet
  • Simple cuffing tool adjustment – fast change during change of glove sizes
  • Able to retrofit into our FMS machine or similar design machines
Series GIPS
Counting System Yes
Printing of Glove Size on Glove Printing of glove size on glove Inkjet Printer (optional)
Manual Cuffing Jig Teflon Grade
Cuffing Width Adjustable
Cuffing Length Adjustable
Individual Station Bypass Yes
Machine Length 2 meter (per station)
Machine Width 0.9 meter (per station)
Electrical Supplies 3-phase, 415V, 50/60Hz
Operating Compressed dried air pressure At least 5.5 bar / 81psi