FFS 4080

FFS 4080 Thermo-form fill seal packaging machine is designed for smaller packaging areas and higher volume running products. It is ideal for application with either flexible or semi-rigid film.

A 15” multi-language display screen with removable safety covers design for cleanability. Package change-overs are possible and simple.

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FeaturesMachine SpecificationMachine UtilitiesTechnical DataVideo
  • Compact, medium and high performance thermoforming machine depends on customers products.
  • Machine designed by modular conception allowing easy integration to labeller, printer, metal detector, product dispenser and etc.
  • Machine dimension, printing & loading area can customize to your requirements.
  • Large touch screen with PLC system for easy operating.
  • Material compatible with both flexible and rigid film.
  • Package opening aids types: Serrated cut, easy-peel corner, tear slit, thumbhole, tear tab, lower web corner cut.
  • Machine designed to be easily operated & maintained, hygiene and offering price-quality performance
  • Optional labeler, Code Printer such as ink jet printer or thermal coder may be integrated
Cut off length300 to 480 mm
Pre heat / Plug assistOptional
Forming depthUp to 150 mm
CapacityUp to 16 cycles
Control PCGUI PC by AFA
Machine length3500/4000/4500/to 6500 mm
Lifting MechanismCylinder or Servo Motor
Bottom web
MaterialsThermofomable flexible film
Reel diameterUp to 400 mm
Top web
MaterialsFlexible film, Paper, Tyvek
Reel diameterUp to 400 mm
NOISE (db)
SeriesFFS 4080
Top Packaging MaterialHeat sealable film, aluminum-laminated films, Tyvek or paper
Bottom Packaging MaterialThermo-formable, heat sealable films, flexible or rigid
Machine Length4,500 to 8,000 mm, May be customized
Expected Output (cycles per minutes)Air-lift: 8 to 12 cycles per minute
Servo-lift: up to 16 cycles per minute
Film Width400 ~ 460 mm
Index LengthUp to 400 mm
Drawing DepthUp to 150 mm
Film Roll Diameterup to 420 mm as standard unless other requested
Film Roll Care3” core diameter (secured by Air Shaft)
PLC Control system/ HMIPLC control panel, PC based touch-screen with Network accessibility to server
Compressed dried air (CDA) requirementMinimum 6.0 bar, air consumption depends on “air-lift mechanism” or “servo-lift mechanism” configuration.
Servo-lift mechanism obviously reduces air consumption
Electrical SuppliesStandard 415V x 3 phase, 50Hz/60Hz, other voltages are to be specified at ordering
Vacuum ConsumptionUsually comes with vacuum pump(s), unless otherwise specified
Chilled Water SupplyUsually comes with chilled water cooler, unless otherwise specified