DPH 130

DPH 130 or dispenser printing handler machine is inner box (before erect up) auto dispensing on a moving conveyor and do printing with external printer. Only one operator needed to operate this machine by loading the inner box in stack form and collect the printed inner box from container. Machine feeding speed from 100 to 130 dispenser / min, but depends on printing lines and inner box quality.

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FeaturesTechnical Data
  • Continuous feeding process
  • Loading buffer up to 3x stacks
  • Swingable touch screen for easy operating
  • Servo driven lifting system
  • Design to suit multi sizes of inject printer
Series DPH 130
Machine Length 2.76 meter
Machine Width 1 meter
Output Capacity 100 ~ 130 dispenses/min
Dispenses Length 200 ~ 245mm
Dispenses Width 170 ~ 230 mm
Electrical Supplies 240VAC Single Phase 2A x 50Hz
Operating 3 bar / 43.5psi