• LTM 72 is designed for pin-hole detection and sorting of Natural Rubber and Nitrile Gloves. It adopts dry testing methodology by air pressure decay, and it is a non-destructive testing method.
  • LTM 72 consists of 72 test mandrel made by medical grade Teflon (engineering plastic) material with built-in with LED, and the unique mandrels are universal tools to work well on standard glove size gloves from XS to XL (examination gloves) and from 5.5 to 9.0 (surgical gloves).


  • Suitable for natural rubber gloves and nitrile gloves (surgical glove or examination glove)
  • Throughput 2800 to 3200 gloves per hour ( total counts by loading operators
  • Sensing Accuracy 0.001psi
  • Single common mandrel for all glove sizes (surgical and examination gloves)
  • Wireless communication between IPC at machine and GUI PC outside the machine
  • Historical data collection and production reporting
  • New recipe creation and parameter setting is allowed for user with 3 levels of security passwords
  • All glove sizes do not need to change mandrel.
  • Easy loading for all types of glove (include beadles glove)
  • High power LED for manual inspection for visual defects
  • No Calibration Required
  • Adjustable output up to 3600 pcs / hour

Technical Data

Machine Length 1.4 m (rotating unit only)
Machine Width 1.4 m (rotating unit only)
Bin Station 530 x 970 mm foot-print
Output Capacity 3000~3600 gloves/hour
Glove Specification Glove Types: Latex and Nitrile, Beaded or non-beaded & Exam and Surgical Glove
  Glove Sizes 5.5 to 9.0 and XS to XL
  • Sorting Bins Good and Reject bins Retest Bin
  • Bin (3rd bin) optional
  • LED Ease of manual inspection
  • UPS (Power Backup) Standard
  • Invertor Standard
  • Control PC Industrial PC
  • Monitor PC Desktop PC
Electrical Supplies 230 VAC/100VAC Single Phase 5Ax 50Hz or 60 Hz
Operating Pressure 5.5 bar/81 psi