LTM 16


  • LTM 16 is adopting Dry Testing methodology, for the industries to realize Non-Destructive In-Process QC checking on gloves from dipping lines.
  • It can test up to 16 gloves per cycle by one operator.
  • LTM16 uses high precision “Non-Calibrate-required” digital pressure sensor (0.0001psi) the mandrel are all built in with LED light and ease for cosmetic inspection. Besides that, your QC reporting system is tailor make and reduces the processing time.


  • Reduce all the paper work by auto generate the report from the system.
  • Universal mandrel size suitable for all variable standard glove size from XS to XL (exam gloves) and from size 5.5 to 9.0 (surgical gloves)
  • The settings for different product, different size, may be saved under recipes for day-to-day operation.

Technical Data

Machine Footprint 1.4m(L) x0.4m (w)
Overall Footprint 1.6m(l) x 0.4m (w)
Capacity 16 gloves per test cycle
Reporting Method Standard
Glove Type Latex and nitrile, beaded or non-beaded
Glove Size 5.5 to 9.0 and XS to XL
Other Features
  • LED
  • UPS (Power Backup)
  • Industrial control PC
Electrical Supplies Single phase, 240 V, 50 Hz
Operating Pressure 5.5 bar/81 psi