FMS 2010

Model : MdiGlov® FMS 2010



  • FMS 2010 is a high output Medical glove inner wallet packing machine adopting synchronized servo-drive system, from paper in roll form.
  • It has high flexibility to select to produce different wallet dimension by entry of dimension and simple conversion kits. The wallet may be in standard long form, or further inline bi-folded form.
  • It accepts blank paper roll with inline printing or accepts pre-printed paper roll by bypassing the printing.


  • High Output continuous process machine.
  • Machine designed by modular conception allowing easy integration to others device.
  • Large touch screen with PLC system for easy operating.
  • Cutting accuracy of +/- 2mm.
  • Online printing or Eye-mark to recognize cutting point for pre-printed paper.

Technical Data

Glove Loading Method Standard: manual cuff-and-place, with placing position line printed on paper, lighted base with grounding mesh
Add-on automatic placing system GIPS: manual cuff, auto-place system to reduce man-power (refer to GIPS or our latest design in GIPS)
Machine Footprint 15.0 to 17.0 m (L) x 2.0 m (W) (depend on specification)
Paper Length Variable by setting on HMI, dimension ranging from  280 to 320 mm
Wallet Length (before bi-fold if applicable) 200 mm to 230 mm
Wallet Width 105 mm to 120 mm
Capacity up to 75 wallets per minute
Materials Paper Roll, MG Kraft, semi Kraft and Crepe paper.                                           Paper Thickness min 30 GSM
Paper Width in roll form Up to 498 mm
Roll diameter Paper Roll Size Jumbo roll up to 900 mm diameter
Paper Type Pre-printed or un-printed paper
Core Size 76 mm diameter
Additional sensors QA System Missing Glove detection
    • Reel Shaft Air Shaft type
    • Optional: Automatic glove placing Refer to GIPS specifications

Optional (Choose One of the 3 possible output configuration)

    • Bi-fold inner wallet configuration ONLY
    • Long inner wallet configuration ONLY
    • Both of the above Long and Bi-Fold Inner wallet configuration (Selectable on HMI)