Glove Pinhole Detection & Sorting

Model : MdiGlov® LTM 72



MdiGlov® LTM 72 is a consistent and reliable pinhole detection and screening machine for natural rubber and nitrile gloves using dry air-pressure decay methodology.

Certain volume of compressed dried air shall be automatically injected into the gloves under testing. The MdiGlov® LTM 72 glove testing machine will measure the pressure decay in the gloves over the test duration. At the end of the testing duration, the system will automatically output the results of the testing. The results would be classified into 3 categories, namely “GOOD”, “FAIL” and “RETEST”.

Immediately after the test duration, only “GOOD” gloves would be lighted. The operator would conduct manual inspection and sort out the cosmetic defects.

Features & Machine Specification

  • Use for natural rubber and nitrile gloves
  • Throughput 2800 to 3200 gloves per hour (total counts) by 2 loading operators
  • Sensitivity – stable at 0.001psi
  • Single common mandrel for all glove sizes (surgical and examination gloves)
  • Inline sorting of cosmetic rejects by 3rd operator with built-in cool LED light
  • Wireless communication between IPC (Industrial PC) at machine and GUI (Graphic User Interface) PC outside the machine
  • Historical data collection and production reporting
  • New recipe creation and parameter setting is allowed for user with 3 levels of security passwords
  • No periodical calibration of pressure sensors required