FFS 5080



  • FFS 5080 Thermo-form-fill-seal-machine designed to bigger width product and higher output.
  • Its stainless steel construction gives the FFS 5080 extra durability. It may be integrated with other devices.
  • A 15” multi language display screen with removable safety covers design for clean ability. Package change-overs are possible and simple.


  • Simple converting format tooling
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel structural
  • Removable safety covers for easy access and cleaning
  • High Flexibility to create many kinds of configuration
  • Modular expandability to suit your thermoformed packaging
  • Servo driven lifting system
  • Ethernet connectivity to form part of your business information network system
  • Integrated components synchronization
  • Optional labeler, Code Printer such as ink jet printer or thermal coder may be integrated

Technical Data

FFS Series FFS 5080
Top Packaging material Heat sealable film, aluminum-laminated films, Tyvek or paper
Bottom Packaging material Thermo-formable, heat sealable films, flexible or rigid
Machine Length  6,000 to 10,000 mm
May be customized
Expected output
(cycles per minute)
Air-lift: 8 to 10 cycles per minute
Servo-lift: up to 16 cycles per minute
Film width 500 ~ 560mm
Index Length Up to 560 mm
Drawing Depth Up to 150 mm
Film roll Diameter up  to 420 mm as standard unless other requested
Film roll core 3” core diameter (secured by Air Shaft)
PLC Control system/ HMI PLC control panel, PC based touch-screen with Network accessibility to server
Compressed dried air (CDA) requirement
  • Minimum 6.0 bar, air consumption depends on “air-lift mechanism” or “servo-lift mechanism” configuration.
  • Servo-lift mechanism obviously reduces air consumption
Electrical Supplies Standard 415V x 3 phase, 50Hz/60Hz, other voltages are to be specified at ordering
Vacuum consumption Usually comes with vacuum pump(s), unless otherwise specified
Chilled water supply Usually comes with chilled water cooler, unless otherwise specified