OPS 752


  • An OPS 752 is adopting platen seal method for good stability in sealing process prior to sterilization. It is suitable for medical products such as surgical glove, Sutures, Plasters, Gauzes etc.
  • It is fully servo-motor driven with the advanced servo synchronized system. It reduces down time and wastage; it has the flexibility of changing pouch dimension with simple tooling and conversion kits.


  • Continuous sealing process with eye mark registration.
  • Machine designed by modular conception allowing easy integration to others device.
  • Large touch screen with PLC system for easy operating.
  • Material compatible with both flexible and rigid film.
  • Can integrate with FMS 2010 machine.

Technical Data

Machine Length 5.2 m
Machine Width 1.4 m
Pouch Length up to 300 mm
Pouch Width up to 180 mm
Capacity up to 75 ppm
Materials Bottom Film:

  • All kind of heat sealable materials and composite foils
  • Print Unprinted Clear film
  Top Film:

  • Pre-printed film
Roll Size up to 600 mm diameter
Core Size 76 mm diameter
  • QA System Empty Pouch detection
  • Reel Shaft Air Shaft type
  • Optional Code Printer; ink jet printer or thermal coder may be integrated
Machine Utilities Electrical source 3-phase, 415 V, 50/60 Hz
Operating Pressure 5.5 bar / 81 psi